I am a photographer, mother, astrologer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Artistry and my unique approach to documenting people is a passion that has kept me in business for 22 years. Capturing diversity and cultures in all kinds has been such a joy. I realize that my job is to catch brief snippets of time that can never be returned. In other words, I am a visual storyteller. Without images we would never remember how much joy we once experienced.

I try hard to make anyone who works with me and is in front of my camera comfortable and at home so that we can all have a good time which is what it is really all about anyway! All I want is good expressions and chill vibes. All my clients want is to see their happiness reflected back at them for years to come.

I adore my profession and although I get silly comments like, ”How hard can it be taking photos? Your finger must get tired.” I assure you it’s a heavy dose of hard work, problem solving, perseverance, good communication, and a heaping dose of creativity that keeps Vosamo a successful company.

about laura tarquino


Was I always a photographer? Yes, I bought my first camera at a garage sale for $25 when I was 17 years old. I finished my academic studies early everyday and needed to fill my days with art. I begged my art teacher to make a photography class. I stayed after everyday developing prints and film in the darkroom with processing and chemistry. An art form in itself really. From there I went to college and graduated with the best and outstanding portfolio in my class. I spent the next couple of years assisting many different kinds of photographers from advertising to commercial. Eager to learn the distinct styles and crafts of each type of photography. What kind would I be? What do I love to photograph? I soon discovered what I loved best to do which was to photograph people.

how i relax

Water- in a pool, ocean, showers, lakes. Most of all honoring and worshiping the feminine principle which is “the great mother”.

on the box

I need to lighten up with comedy always. Life is dramatic enough.

my guilty pleasure

The book Cosmos and Psyche, Hozier on the playlist, surrounded by lush greenery, Yeats, and burning sandalwood incense. With my all my people & animal furries close by eating our favorite meals. Nothing else can compare.

Esoteric meaning of life and the universe and transforming this reality. Live music of all my favorite artists.
Interested in Astrology/Esoteric things/Oracle and Tarot readings? Come play with me at: www.neptuneskey.com 

you can find me at

Stella, Guiness, or a Mezcal concoction.

from the bar





louise & charles


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From Brooklyn, NY I am an advertising photographer that’s lived and worked in Atlanta, Georgia for over 20 years. Photography was a hobby I picked up as a teenager. I never would have guessed it would become a career. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in college and decided to earn more about my hobby. After graduating from photo school, I can to Atlanta and have been a shooter ever since. Laura and I have worked together now for 22 years and we both enjoy the excitement of events, weddings, and basically capturing important memories and moments for people.



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I was born in Colombia and since college I had a passion for photography. I studied journalism and that is where I started photography. Then a few years later I got into portraits, events, and mainly weddings. I also love to photograph wildlife and landscaping. Since studying journalism my photography style emerged as a storyteller, something that I really enjoy about photographing events.



ava & ethan


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I’m an Atlanta based photographer who loves to focus capturing the energy and often excitement of a moment. A picture has such a strong ability to help us relive those moments, and recall all that we were feeling, I love helping people save these snapshots so they have them to cherish and revisit for years ahead. We will work together to make your day as fun and easy as possible.






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I’ve been pursuing photography as a career since 2013 and I can honestly say I have found my true passion. To me photography is so much more than just freezing a moment in time. It has the ability to connect people and help them to share stories with others. When shooting I’m an open book, helping my clients, who may feel a bit uncomfortable relax and feel confident in front of the camera. Come join me on my journey.




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Katie is a photographer specializing in weddings, families, and events, with an eye for detail and a style that is colorful, natural, and full of personality. Born and raised in Georgia Katie is passionate about connecting with others and telling stories through her photography.


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