In my eyes, I believe..

Beauty is in everything

Everyone is beautiful in their unique ways

Taking photos sparks the light in me

Artistry and her unique approach to documenting people is a passion that has kept her in business for over 22 years. When she is not with a camera in her hand she is an astrologer and oracle helping people connect to find their innate gifts and purpose this life helping people fall in love with who they are. Giving people reflection and a higher perspective into their lives.

Laura Tarquino is a photographer and artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia photographing events, people, life, travel, and all faces of life. 

Naturally as photographers we are always thrown into situations that require problem solving and creativity. That's our forte! You did hire us for our style and originality.


Personal Care

Each event for us an important project. We value your opinions and personal preferences. We try to accommodate and cater to what you are wanting and expecting. If you have any suggestions or ideas let us know we are always up for something new!

Great Attitude

Whether Laura is your photographer or one of her associates, we promise to try to always give you our best attitude. When you pull out your album or photos from your amazing day we want you to feel good and have positive memories about us being there. It's an important part of this experience.

Custom Albums

Our unique albums have images chosen by you, but ultimately designed beautifully and created by us. We only use professional photographic labs to help create these custom pieces of art. Heirlooms to pass down to generations to come.

Images for a lifetime

These images from your event are the lasting piece to your event. Nothing else will of remained except these images. Treasure them, save them in different places, make albums, and lastly enjoy!

“I love you”


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