Laura Tarquino

Behind the Camera

My name is Laura Tarquino and I am a photographer. Not a part time photographer or weekend photographer, but a full time, this is my profession ~all I have ever done~ photographer. It’s been since the year 2000 that I started my business venture and photographing events. I love the diversity and culture in VosamophotographyaboutLauraTarquino1LOT_4058all kinds of people and events that I have the opportunity to capture. Capturing that in my little black box is an adventure in and of itself for me. I realize that my job is to catch brief snippets of time that can never be returned. In other words, I am a visual storyteller.

I adore my profession and although I often get the silly comments of “How hard can it be taking pictures? Your finger must get tired.” I assure you it’s hard work, perseverance, and a daily dose of creativity that has made Vosamo a successful company.

Every time I take a picture, it is more than just a picture to me.  I carefully study the details of the picture, and edit accordingly.  When I take each picture, it is expected (and not just by my client, but by myself) that the picture I have taken is going to look better than what you could take on your own, and I believe I hit that mark every time.  I take my time with each picture and turn it into a work of art.

In my eyes, I believe…
Beauty is in everything
I believe everyone is beautiful in their unique ways
Taking photos sparks the light in me.

Before Vosamo

A Little about my Past

Was I always a photographer?  Yes,I bought my first camera at a garage sale for $25 when I was just 17 years old. I finished my academic studies early everyday and needed to fill my days with art. My teacher decided to make a photography class after much anticipation. I couldn’t wait to see what amazing images I could create and develop with this media. I learned with film, processing, and chemistry. An art form in itself really. From there I went to college and graduated with best and outstanding portfolio in my class. I spent the next couple of years assisting many different kinds of photographers from advertising to commercial. I was eager to learn the life of a photographer and their distinct styles and crafts. What kind would I be? What do I love to photograph? I soon discovered what I loved best to do which was to photograph people, including events and weddings.

What’s your favorite photograph?

The one I’m going to take tomorrow

Opening Vosamo

The Present

Opening Vosamo in 2000 was the best decision I ever made in my life.  There is creativity and passion behind all of my work and I try diligently to keep it that way. I hope that I never leave people to wonder what they are going to get. I exceed expectations with every job and put all who is in front of my camera to ease every time. Being photographed is daunting to some so I always hope to change the feeling of being photographed during our time together. Vosamo literally means “I  love you”. and I interpret it as “I care about your needs” and I truly do want to. I aim to please and hope that I do.

So, I hope that I get the chance to know you and experience the great times in your life~! The Simchas, parties, highlights, and celebrations, and momentous times in that you cherish. Let me be there and document those amazing times for you. If you are ready to book, and ready to be blown away by the art of photography, let me show you what I can do. Hit the “Book now” button and fill out the easy form. I will do my very best to accommodate your needs and I am exited to get to know you!

The Website

The Vosamo Experience

I want to share that this new website is going to be a place where you can not only book me, but you can sign your contract right here on my website, pay your deposit, and when the shoot is over, you can come back here to view and purchase your photos in any sizes you wish.  I am so excited to finally have this beautiful and useful website that will make it easier for both myself and my valuable clients.  All I want is for everyone to be able to be part of the entire Vosamo experience and I want this website to provide and answer all of your questions and give you everything you need to get started.

I would like to thank Nicole of Learning with Nicole, who built this beautiful and useful website.  She has poured her heart and soul into this website to make sure that my clients have one place to be part of the Vosamo Experience that I am truly trying to provide.  My whole business plan has been centered around “How can I better assist my clients?”, “What can I do to make it easier for them to book me”, and “How would they like the ease of going to one place to do everything”.  I never gave up hope that I would one day be able to offer so much more than just a simple site.  I hope that you enjoy the ease of use of this fabulous and useful website.  I truly believe it is going to make all my current and new clients feel right at home and that it will allow me to reach my goals of providing the “Vosamo Experience.”

Vosamo books up quickly so get your session on the books now